Love Laila Naturals, Naturally!

We ran a crossword on LailaFoods social platforms, recently. The ‘ask’ was to find brand Laila’s strapline ‘Love Laila Naturally’. And the results were encouraging to put it mildly. Within no time correct entries started pouring in from our fans and followers. With each correct entry, our faith reaffirmed that we have been able to communicate WHO WE ARE to our fans in the UK.

So what’s the story behind the strapline, Love Laila Naturally?

Born as an ethnic rice brand with ‘authentic’ sourcing credentials, Laila Naturals has transformed its journey from Rice to Range (lentils, beans, flours, spices and more) naturally. Established in 1996 initially to provide the best quality Basmati Rice to the rice-eating Asian community in the UK, Laila brand has grown by leaps & bounds in the last two decades, and become one of the country’s top-selling Basmati rice brands.

Laila Naturals stands tall as the UK’s Top 3 brand three years in a row (Neilson data).

It continues to show the fastest growth among the dry rice category, up 30.8% on volumes up 34%. But, is Laila Naturals an overnight success? Far from it. Laila has a 25 years long journey with a promise of bringing the goodness of nature from farms to the forks. Each Laila pack is a platter of wholesomeness with flavours intact. We believe Nature has perfected the aromas and flavours in its produce, all we have to accomplish is to bring it to your dinner tables.

To achieve this, it requires working intimately with the farmers, cultivating the wisdom to identify the right variety, crops and seasonal intricacies. We work closely with farmers with utmost focus on high seed quality, land preparation, crop establishment, nutrient management, crop health, harvesting, dehusking and storage. Overall, we aim at retaining natural credential of the crop.

All this doesn’t mean that we do not have our ears to the market pulse. We also listen to our customers. When we witnessed the evolving behaviour of our loyal customers, from Gen X to Millennial, we had a shift in our outlook. The brand underwent market expansion (into the mainstream market) with a wider product line. And this is when the metamorphosis happened from ‘Love Rice, Love Laila’ to Love Laila Naturally reflecting millennial aspiration and natural credentials. It depicts ‘Evolved me’ – contemporary, modern yet rooted in the values of love, family bonds and socially responsible – as we introduced recyclable 2kg packaging in rice. The change also enabled us the flexibility to bring the entire range under the single umbrella – pulses, grains, spices, nuts, all with natural credentials.

Laila has now extended its range of natural goodness to include lentils, beans and flours. Known as plant-power range, it’s an offering for healthier lifestyles and a celebration of world foods. Consumers today are more mindful of the source of protein due to awareness of environmental impact and effect on personal health.

Laila Naturals is the range dedicated to evolving eating habits by bringing best plant produce, rich in natural proteins from around the world to UK’s aware consumers. They can enjoy natural powerhouses of protein and energy.

Laila Naturals offers more than 19 varieties of rice and other Plant Power range across the UK. To know about our detailed product range, visit or write to us on


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